From Friday, February 11, you can walk outdoors without wearing protective equipment.

“The masks have been a formidable tool in the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic and will continue to be our traveling companions for a significant phase yet,” said Minister Speranza.
And again: “Indoors the masks will continue to be necessary. But I would like to remind that in the past, when we suspended the outdoor obligation, we have always said that anyway we must carry the masks, so as to be ready to wear them if we find ourselves in crowded places and therefore at risk”.
The obligation to wear the mask is provided for indoor places such as shops and supermarkets and, in particular, you will need to use the ffp2 in cinemas and theaters, to attend sporting events and to travel on transport.
Clubs and nightclubs reopen, which will be accessible only to those who have Green pass strengthened. In indoor clubs it will be mandatory to always use the mask, except when dancing.

In particular:
– for performances open to the public which take place indoors, in theatres, concert halls, cinemas, entertainment and live music venues and other similar venues;
– for indoor sporting events and competitions;
– for the access and use of: commercial flights; ships and ferries used for interregional transport services; trains used in interregional, Intercity, Intercity Night and High Speed passenger services; buses and coaches providing transport services between more than two regions; buses and coaches providing rental services with driver; cable cars, gondolas and chairlifts if used with the closure of the windscreen; local or regional public transport;
– for persons who have had close contact with a confirmed VOC-19 positive case and who, on the basis of the rules in force, are not subject to quarantine but only to self-monitoring until the 10th day following the last exposure to the positive subject.

Surgical masks – or in any case a device that gives a superior protection such as FFP2 masks- must be worn in the context of economic and social activities (for example, catering, tourist and accommodation activities, wellness centers, personal services, retail, museums, exhibitions, cultural circles, conferences and congresses, etc.) in the situations provided for in the industry protocols.

The rules for the school
At school it is mandatory to wear masks for everyone from the age of six. The use of the Ffp2 is provided for the staff of kindergartens and for the staff of schools of every order and grade who work in contact with pupils exempted from the obligation to wear respiratory protection devices.

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